Live Spot Prices Gold: $1,808.35 0.00 Silver: $18.86 0.00 Platinum: $839.65 0.00 Palladium: $2,046.15 0.00

Return Policy

Returns and shipping us orders.

We will be more than happy to accept returns if,

1. The spot price or market value of the coins have not changed more than 1/2%. If the spot price has gone down or up more than 1/2% at the time of the trade the return will be treated as a new purchase order and will be locked in just if you were selling a product.

Returns and or sales should be shipped to us as they were shipped to you. When this time comes please call us and or send us an email and we will be happy to send directions and or walk you through how to properly ship an item.

2. Please note any damaged packages must be rejected and sent back to us. If you sign for the package our right to file an insurance claim is null and void and you as an individual are taking on that responsibility. In the case of a damaged package please do as follows.

  • Deny the package and return to sender

  • Get a Picture of the package before the carrier takes it back

  • Email us photos of the damaged packaged

With these steps we should be able to get you another package out shortly after all information has been verified and we have successfully opened an insurance claim.

3. When shipping us orders please call us at 805-306-9979 and or send us a email so we can

  • Lock in the purchase order

  • Send directions on how things must be sent to qualify for insurance‚Äôs. We and you send valuables and most insurance companies do not pay out unless you follow certain guidelines when shipping.

Step 1

Lock in trade / order and print out invoice. With out a proper invoice and contact information the payment and processing will take us longer to do.

Step 2

Get appropriate shipping material, we would recommend FedEx and or USPS.

Step 3

Put invoice and coins in a bag and or envelope and the put that inside a box that will easily fit in a bigger flat rate box.

Step 4

Put that box securely in a slightly larger box and make sure to tape down all corners.

Step 5

Afix label and keep a record of the tracking number. Once item is scanned in at your local Fedex or UPS location please email us a copy of the tracking number with that corresponding Purchase number to help assist us on processing your order faster.